Photo by Dimitri Caceaune (original upload from Pinterest

It’s hardly even a real winter here and yet I am craving warmth. I am not such a fan of cold weather but I do love winter because

Winter is peaceful.

Quaint. Slow-down. Rest.

Recover. Remember. Relish.

Commune. Fellowship. Conversations.

Winter is warmth.

Warm bodies.

Blankets piled high, and lush fabrics.

Fuzzy socks, fleece jackets.

Cozy slippers. Thick socks.

Knitted hats, intricate and colorful scarves, thick gloves help us snuggle up.

Hot cocoa. Soup. Gooey casseroles. Flaky pies nurture our souls.

Soothing teas, hot coffee, comfort foods, that warm us from the inside, out.

Winter is Family.

Raging fires. Game nights. Movies under layers of blankets.

Simple days. Nature walks. Sneaking out for fresh air.

Rushing back inside to warm up. Gathering together.

Creative dates. Sacred moments.

Winter is Discovery.

Be still. Dig deeper.

Inward facing. Looking into each others’ eyes.

Being enough.

Knowing them. Knowing you.

Winter is Light.

Lamps. Candles. Pink Skies. Full moons. Eye-blinding sunshine.

Sparkles in their eyes. Glimmers of hope. Shimmery renewal.

A fresh start. A new page. A guiding season.

Winter is …