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I could be sillier.

I could.

But, compared to so many people I encounter in real life, the world seems like it could use a big dose of big belly laughs.

You know, like the ones our children encounter daily?

We can all stand to stop taking ourselves too seriously, at least some of the time. Yes, things in life are serious. At times, maybe a little too serious. But, part of being awake — being 100 percent mindful — is focusing on one thing. Let  this week’s one thing be on being able to laugh at ourselves,  laugh at our mistakes, laugh at our kids putting ridiculous amounts of chocolate icing all over their faces {and shirts}.

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One of my favorite movies is The Holiday. Every single scene is amazing but I think every parent loves when Jude Law plays Mr. Napkin Head for his children. It’s such a refreshing thing to see a serious man, a serious Dad not being afraid to be silly.

Go ahead, amaze yourself this week and just act silly. Do a silly experiment. Leap into life with a let’s-be-goofy-and-ridiculous kind of swagger this week.

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Let’s bring silly back.

Here are 16 Ways to Put A little Silly into Your Life

  1. Put on a silly hat.
  2. Break out into a silly dance.
  3. Tell a silly joke — you know, one that is normally above you.
  4. Walk a silly walk.
  5. Tell a silly story.
  6. Make a silly breakfast.
  7. Wear a silly outfit.
  8. Play a silly game.
  9. Make silly things.
  10. Draw silly monsters.
  11. Make a silly face.
  12. Talk in a silly voice.
  13. Conduct a messy but silly experiment.
  14. Think silly thoughts.
  15. Paint a silly face.
  16. Write a silly poem.

And, better than all of this — if it’s even possible to get better than this — let your kids be silly. Let them be kids. Let them do the silly dances — in public. Let them wear that chocolate ice cream on their face — all day long. Let them dress in a dress-up Princess dress in public.

Just be silly.

Relax. Do less Adult agenda and more kid agenda.

Even — ESPECIALLY — if you do not have any children at all.

Who’s with me? Who wants to bring silly back?

What kinds of silly brings laughter to your days? To inspire you a bit more, here’s the clip of Mr. Napkin Head from “The Holiday.” Happy Monday!