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Bubble Heart via Worth1000. Click image for details.

If your family is at all like ours than this Tuesday — Valentine’s Day — will be just another crazy-busy day for you. You know, like all Tuesdays. The kids will be in school. There is work for Awesomely Awake Dad and myself. And, to make the day even more exciting, I have a PTO meeting and AA Dad has a board meeting that evening. Very romantic and chic!

And, we didn’t line up a babysitter for this weekend, either.

But this doesn’t upset me. We’ve already started writing our Secret Love Notes. And, truly, I’m happy at home with my family {as long as there’s a bag of Lindt’s truffles and two episodes of Parenthood waiting for me on the couch after the kids are in bed.} Plus, every day is the day to show your love to the people in your life. One day just isn’t enough!

Love is such an important value to teach our children and I love to make holidays special. This one is particularly appealing since it gives us a chance to promote all kinds of love. Love of humanity. Love of family. Love of the life we live.

Here are some creative, fun and special ways to celebrate the love you have for your WHOLE  family this weekend or Monday night, or Tuesday morning — even if you are super busy like we are.

CHALK ART: Tell them you love them with artistic words and hearts in your driveway, on your sidewalk or even on the side of your brick house. The one above is an adorable heart walk that I found on a blog that is new to me, Frugal Family Fun. Don’t forget to write I LOVE YOU.

DINE TOGETHER: Have a candlit dinner as a family the night before or the night after — or whenever you can fit it in. You can go out, but it might be more fun at home. Light candles. Put out a fancy table cloth. Perhaps some soft music. Conspire with the kids by telling them to keep it a secret, which may inspire them to get into the spirit as well! Then, make it a tradition! There’s been a lot of ideas going around for heart-shaped pizzas, pizzas with heart-shaped pepperoni but I think this Taste of Home Chocolate Heart Pizza would be a hit at our house. Well, any pizza is a hit at our house.

MAKE A FAVORITE DISH: For us, it’s creme brulee. Maybe it is cupcakes at your house. Or cookies. Something you all enjoy but maybe do not eat a lot of the rest of the year. This weekend, make it. Enjoy it. Love on it a bit. We all love creme brulee, and it happens to be my absolute favorite dessert. Win. Win. Does this Lavender Creme Brulee just make you want to crawl into that little ramekin? Oh, yum.

JAM TOGETHER: Make a family playlist and dance together. Sneak a dance with your partner, too. And, hello, my good interwebs pal Jean at Artful Parent mentioned Bubble Dancing a while back and, well, I think it’s a lovely idea to try in the winter — just so we can watch the bubbles freeze!

SPRINKLE WITH LOVE: I kind of adore sprinkles. The more colorful the better. Splash them on everything, even cereal, pancakes or yogurt — or just on your tongues! Don’t forget to add the whipped cream. I like this cake batter pancake idea so. very. much. I mean it’s a combo of pancakes and cake. Together. Unreal.

DATE ON THE COUCH: Finally, like I said, I’m extremely happy these days just sitting and watching Parenthood with The Hubs. We enjoy this show so much that it’s a treat every single time {I’m anti-tv the rest of the week!}. So, my hope is that on Valentine’s Day we will return to the couch and be together. Yes, we will be tired but we will can still indulge with a treat or two like … {shh, he reads these posts} … maybe a little surprise like this from Eat Drink Chic.


How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show your love this week? Have you already started? Do you have any special traditions either as a couple or as a family? Please share ideas!

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