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'Space to Play' photo (c) 2009, Tony Hall - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/
Life is your playground.
Learn to play the game.
Swing like there’s no tomorrow. Swing up to the clouds. Swing until dark. Swing until your toes touch the sun.
Laugh like you’re sliding down a mountain. Laugh like you’re rolling down a hill.
Run like a monster is chasing you. Run like you mean it. Run until you feel what running feels like. Till everything soars.
Climb. To the top. To no where. To that unbelievable place you never thought you could climb to.
Get in on the action. Make new friends you’ll never see again. Say Yes to hopping on.
Spin around and around and around until you get dizzy. Be all spinny. Be all undone. Be all silly. Be all you.
Balance yourself. Balance the dreamer in you. Balance the realist in you. Balance the tired you. Balance the successful you.
Hide. Duck behind a corner, waiting for the one you love to round the bend. Giggle as you wait.
Hang. Hang in there. Let the muscles relax as you do. Notice how your body gravitates to the earth. Just hang.
Chase. Chase your dreams. Chase your kids. Chase yourself. Chase your shadow as it dances.
Fall down. Endure the scraped knee. It means you lived today. It means you didn’t give up. It means you did your best.
Brush off. Brush off the negatives. Brush off the failures. Brush off the dirt to get to the real you.
Jump. This way and that way. Jump in. Jump over. Jump around.
Land on both feet. Watch out around you. Play until you can’t.
Live like this is the only moment that matters.
Life is your playground.
Learn to play the game.

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