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Kids Co-op

Play means many things to many people. Play can be structured. It can be free, without limits.

It can be adventurous and wild.

It can be structured and simple.

Play can take many shapes.

Loud. Quiet. Outside. In a fort. Under a tree. In the car on the way to school.

What does play mean to your family? How do you play? How does your child play?

What inspires your play and free time now? How about when you were a child?

Below is a lovely little link that I hope you will click on to add your own blog posts that promote wholesome family play and fun. You have already shared so many ideas in the comments of this site. Now it’s your turn.

Unfortunately, you will have to click through on the frog┬álink below to see the links as that is how this kind of link up works on my WordPress blog. Your links will show up on many, many other blogs as well. This is new for me and we’ll learn as we go. Ultimately, if this works, each week we’ll grow bigger and bigger. As long as your posts relate to family fun, you can link to anything you want to show off — whether it be a post directly related to this week’s intention {such as Amaze Yourself & Play} or a great idea of your own. I will, however, show off and promote any posts that are directly related to my weekly intentions.

Whatever you’ve done that you’d like to promote, please link it up right here and start getting your ideas spinning around the Web. I just ask that you leave a link on your blog post back to this site promoting the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op. Let’s hope this works!

Be sure to check out all the great links that are included. And, big thanks to my friend Zina for making this happen.

Have fun and click on the froggy. Don’t forget to leave a comment here to let me know you are participating and what # you are so I can check it out!!

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