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There isn’t anything much better than the feeling of a clean slate. That’s what the New Year provides.

I have long given up on resolutions — mostly because I write and create “goals” all year long. I’m someone who is always trying to change myself, my intentions, my situation. I’m someone who spends life searching for the next greatest XY and Z.

This year, I’m hoping to take all of that information, all of that knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years and APPLY IT. Here. There. Everywhere. I even have a little — well, huge — project that I”m working on that is related.

That’s it … whether it be meditation, yoga, writing, quality time with the kids, house projects … I’m done (sort of)  researching and planning and this year it’s just going to happen without drama, without reservation, without doubt, without insecurities. I will do it all with intention and so long as I do it with intention, it will be right for me.

In the meantime, I found this lovely little meditation to take into this lovely little New Year:

Sit quietly — be still.


Breathe in I have Arrived.

Breathe out I am Home.

I have Arrived.

I am home.

For once, I feel like it may be true.

Happy 2012!



Family moments
Photo via Wari Om Photography

Fluff  your zafu, just perfectly.

Sit. Re-sit a few times until comfortable.


Be happy you finally found the right position that isn’t leaning one way or another. Find that perfect place to stare toward. Sink into that space. Breathe.

Breathe lots of times.

Try not to think about the coffee that is now perfectly perculating in the other room. Try not to dwell too long on that to-do list, try not to spend too much time thinking about how, oh crap, I forgot to sign the children up for their winter camp and she said it fills quickly!

Try not to think about work. Then think about work. Then stop thinking about work. This is your time. Your only time all day. They get you all day.

Sit. Breathe. Count in, count out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Keep breathing. Listen to the cars whizzing by in the far distance. Listen to the sound of nothing as is the case at 5 a.m. Listen to the quiet house, the quiet room. Breathe.

Sink into that state for a while, that state where such good ideas seem to pop up. Listen to the idea, ride it a bit. Then try to resist the urge to stand up and grab a notebook to write it down. Try not to write this blog post in your head. Breathe. Go back to breathing. Try to resist the urge to remember said blog post. It’s there for you if it wants to be.

Go back to breathing, stillness, quiet, solitude. Relax.

Sink into the goodness. Try to resist that other idea that has just popped into your head. Go with it for a bit, to hear it out, and then slink back to you, the real you, the girl with the Name. Go into her mind. Her world. Forget about writing and dreams for a while. Rest. Sink into this moment.

Be happy you are alive and breathing. Honor your breaths.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


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